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This is JoAnn!  She is the Showroom manager and, very likely, the voice you will hear when you call with a question or an order ... or stop by for a visit.

We would like to invite you to visit our Showroom, located in beautiful Black Mountain, North Carolina.  The exact address is 203 West State Steet and our phone number is:  828-669-7675.  Our Showroom hours are 10:00 to 5:00, Monday through Saturday. We're open year-round, except for a few major holidays, and really bad weather. Stop in and say hello to Jo Ann (store manager), Heather, or Lorraine.

Once here, you can relax and try out any of 15 to 20 different Hammer Dulcimer models (we feature the Hammer Dulcimers of Jerry Read Smith, MasterWorks, Dusty Strings, Chris Foss, Rick Thum and T.K. O'Brien), a CelticHarp, a Mountain Dulcimer, a Bowed Psaltery, Cane Flute, or Strumstick . . . all on display and ready to play.  Listen to any of over 400 rare and magical recordings.  Check out instructional videos, books and tapes or discover a unique musical gift for yourself or a friend.

We take pride in trying to answer all the questions a customer might have.  Our first priority is to try to educate our visitors with regard to the unusual instruments and music we offer.

*Please know that Song of the Wood and Jerry Read Smith are available for appraisals, repairs, restorations, upgrades and resales of your Hammered Dulcimer!  Don't go it alone ... work with someone who knows what he's doing ... and he's not all that hard to get along with either!  All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Purchasing a handcrafted musical instrument can be a little "different" ... especially if it's unfamiliar to you.  At Song of the Wood we NEVER try to "sell" anything to anybody!  Our goal is simply to answer any and all questions you might have so that you can make an informed, intelligent decision.  We want our customers to enjoy the experience of visiting us and be excited about telling others about our unique offerings.  This is the way we have done business for nearly 38 years now.
We believe these instruments, and the music created by them, are almost "magical" with their age old traditions and ethereal sounds so we've sought to create an environment for you to compare and contrast the varieties we carry.  Black Mountain also has many antique stores, wonderful craft shops and interesting restaurants.  So ... if you are able, please come and enjoy the friendly hospitality of our mountain village.


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828-669-7675 - 203 W State St Black Mountain, NC 28711

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