Bowed Psalteries

The Bowed Psaltery is an instrument derived from the ancient plucked psaltery while incorporating the technique of "bowing" as opposed to "plucking."  As far as I've been able to tell it was developed in Western Europe in the late 1800's as an aid to teach elementary age school children how music works.  The whole notes are along one side and the sharps and flats are along the other side.  I make them in both Right Handed and Left Handed models!  

Song of the Wood's Bowed Psalteries are derived from the finest hardwoods and hand crafted in the Song of the Wood Workshop.  I offer two different models ... a 2 Octave and a 2 1/2 Octave.

Each psaltery is packaged with an adjustable horsehair bow, tuning wrench, tuning chart, instruction booklet, rosin and extra wire. Every instrument is signed, numbered and dated under the soundhole rosette, learn more about our Actual Products policy here.  Things you might consider as accessories include a cordura nylon carrying case, a battery powered chromatic tuner,  a wall hanger and some assorted instructional materials.  I do accept "custom" orders and can fit them with tripod fittings and/or internal contact microphones.  

You will notice that we offer "Standard" Psalteries and "Featured" Psalteries.  The Standards are the basic 2 Octave model available in Maple, Walnut, Cherry or Mahogany tops.  These are my least expensive packages which I try to keep in stock.  The Featured Psalteries are actual "one of a kind" instruments shown as they become available.  Once one of these is purchased ... it's gone!

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