Hammered Dulcimer Academy at Perelandra!

For 2016 ... Song of the Wood, Jerry Read Smith and Perelandra Studio is excited to announce ...


Seven (7) ... week-long "camps" of personalized Hammered Dulcimer instruction by 4 of the best teachers in America!

Imagine this ... you arrive in Beautiful Asheville, North Carolina on a weekend ... make your way to the ridge top location of Perelandra (Jerry's recording/performance studio) ... walk out on the deck of Jerry's home and join your new classmates for some hors d'oeuvres ... maybe a glass of wine or cup of tea, conversation and relaxation.  Take a few minutes for a quick tour of the "grounds" and then pick your spot to set up your instrument .... and this is the really cool part .... where it will STAY until the following Friday evening when you pack up to leave, what will surely be, a transformational week for your Hammered Dulcimer playing!

Starting Monday morning each day will begin with coffee or tea and "treats" sometime between 8:00 and 9:00 AM ... followed by class until lunch.  Lunch is provided on the deck (of the house) or inside if weather dictates .... then it's back to class for the afternoon.  After class .... decompression and reflection on the deck as the decision of "where to go for dinner" ensues!  Each visiting instructor will have arranged a variety of Asheville's eclectic dining options where you can either join the group ... or venture off on your own ... your choice!

~2016's Hammered Dulcimer Academy Schedule~ 
Week One May 9th - May 13th Jon Weinberg "Chord Camp" jon@jonweinberg.com
Week Two June 13th - June 17th Jess Dickinson jess@dickinsondulcimer.com
Week Three June 20th - June 24th Jess Dickinson jess@dickinsondulcimer.com
Week Four July 11th - July 15th Stephen Humphries humphries.stephen@gmail.com
Week Five
*Weeklong Ukulele
August 15th - August 19th
Ruth Smith
*Steve Smith
Week Six
*Weeklong Ukulele
August 22nd - August 26th
Ruth Smith
*Steve Smith
Week Seven
*Weeklong Ukulele
August 29th - September 2nd
Ruth Smith
*Steve Smith
*  Steve Smith will be teaching Ukulele Tunes and Technique each week that Ruth is Instructing on Hammered Dulcimer.
* To Inquire More - Please contact Instructors directly via their emails listed above!

More information will be available soon with class descriptions, requirements, sign-up links, etc.  I just wanted to post this very exciting news so YOU can be looking at your calendar ... and making plans for a fantastic new year in your Hammered Dulcimer journey.

In the meantime you can email me:  jerry@songofthewood.com or even call (828-301-1622) if you'd rather talk about this new direction for Song of the Wood ... and opportunity for YOU!  I look forward to your contact and, perhaps, participation in ... Hammered Dulcimer Academy at Perelandra!

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