Jerry Read Smith 4 1/2 Octave Concertmaster

JRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - Concertmaster
JRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - ConcertmasterJRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - ConcertmasterJRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - ConcertmasterJRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - ConcertmasterJRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - ConcertmasterJRS Hammered Dulcimer #955 - Concertmaster Foot Pedal
SKU: 110955

This an example of one of my Concertmaster model Hammered Dulcimers.   Weighing in around 14.5 lbs ... this Hammered Dulcimer spans 4 1/2 Octaves.  Standard tuning is 3 1/2 Octaves fully Chromatic ... tunable to 4 Octaves (fully Chromatic).  Tuning chart is here:  Concertmaster Tuning Chart.  Here are the standard features of this model instrument:

A 2/19/18/9 Course Set Up (4 1/2 Octave Range)
Total weight of only 14.5 lbs!
Asymmetrical Body Design (provides a Vertical Treble Bridge and closer Bass Bridge)
Right Side 9 Course Super Bass Bridge (Multiple Tuning Options)
Triple and Double Spline Finger Joint Frame Construction
Tapered Pin Blocks providing Larger Bass Chamber
Laminated End Rails
Curly Maple and Purpleheart Laminated Edge Binding
Pre­Double Arched and Strutted Soundboard
Solid Tulip Poplar Hardwood Back
Solid Wood Lateral Internal Braces
Signature JRS Double Soundhole Rosettes
Totally Finished & Sealed Interior Body and Bracing
Exotic Solid Bolivian Rosewood Bridges
Curly Maple and Purpleheart Inlaid Position Markers
18 Different Steel, Solid Brass and Brass Wound String Gauges
Upper and Lower Handholds in Back
Ultra Stable Structural Design
Signed, Dated and Numbered

Added features to this model shown here:

Variable Gradient Density Soundboard ©
Custom Stained Soundboard
African Bubinga outer Laminate on End Rails
Signature JRS Filigree Corner Scrolls
Cable Drive Linear Bearing Damper System
Internal Stereo Pick Up System

Song of the Wood says: 
The Base Price listed does not include the "Added Features" listed above for this model ... just the "Standard Features."
Is Original: 
Is Actual Product: 
Weight: 14.5 lb
Dimensions: 45.5 in × 20.5 in × 4.25 in
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