Walnut Creek "Hummingbird" Mountain Dulcimer

Spruce Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer (Full Shot)
Walnut Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer (Soundhole close-up)Walnut Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer (Headstock close-up)Walnut Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer (Strumming end view)Walnut Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer with included materialsSpruce Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer Soundhole DesignSpruce Top Hummingbird Mountain Dulcimer Upper Design
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This is one of the most popular Mountain Dulcimers we offer and it comes as a package which includes a padded cordura nylon zippered case with a front pocket, an instruction book, owners guide, a pick and noter.  It is a wonderful "bargain" for what you get.  This model is a 4 string instrument capable of being set up with either a double melody string ... or 4 equal spaced strings for better chording capability.  It can be tuned in a number of different modes.  The included instruction book teaches EITHER the Ionian Mode (DAA) or Mixolydian Model (DAD)* and gives you 23 familiar songs to play.  The body shape is in the traditional "hourglass" style. The top is decorated with a beautiful "hummingbird" soundhole design.

This "Hummingbird" Mountain Dulcimer body is constructed entirely of Black Walnut.  When we say entirely we mean the back, sides, fretboard, tailstock and headstock.   Soundboards are available in a variety of woods, including Walnut, Cherry, Cedar, Sapele, Sassafras, Maple, and others.  Call The Showroom (828.669.7675) to see what's in stock!

*Hummingbird dulcimers will be tuned in DAD unless otherwise specified.

Song of the Wood says: 

The Spruce top has a slightly brighter tone while the Walnut top is a little bit warmer.  This is because Walnut is a hardwood and Spruce is a softwood.  Instrument makers would say Spruce is a "tone wood."  Walnut is the more traditional choice as the earliest Mountain Dulcimers built up and down the Appalachian Mountain chain were, most likely, constructed entirely of one wood species.

Traditionally the "tuners" were much like violin pegs.  They were hand carved and tapered and would be held in place by friction (twisting the tapered peg into the hole in the "headstock" until it holds).  Over the last 20 or 30 years these hand carved pegs have given way to more modern "geared" guitar type tuners.  Although not "traditional" it has made tuning much easier which is good because that leaves more time for playing!  

Is Original: 
Choose the wood type for the dulcimer's top
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Weight: 2.6 lb
Dimensions: 34.25 in × 7.875 in × 3.125 in
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