Deluxe Plucked Psaltery "Eagle Spirit"

Deluxe Plucked Psaltery "Eagle Spirit"
Deluxe Plucked Psaltery "Eagle Spirit" (close-up)Eagle Spirit package (Case NOT included)Optional Deluxe Plucked Psaltery Case
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This 2 Octave Plucked Psaltery spans 2 octaves in the key of G.  A distinctive recessed figure (the Eagle Spirit) sets the deluxe apart from the standard. Each figure is molded and hand painted in the Appalachians from original carvings by Pat Schwarz (Gracie) of Hendersonville, NC.  The Plucked Psaltery or "Lap Harp" is a musical instrument for anyone who thinks they can't play a musical instrument!  It comes with music sheets that slide under the strings.  You play the song by plucking the strings directly over the printed notes on each sheet starting at the left and following the path of notes all the way to the right.  This instrument can be played without the song sheets for the more advanced ... or adventurous ... player.  The case is NOT included with this Psaltery but is available.
Each Psaltery comes with extra wire, a tuning tool, a pick, a tuning chart and a "starter pack" of 11 songs which include:

  • Scarborough Fair
  • Oh! Susanna
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • In the Good Old Summertime
  • She'll be Coming Around the Mountain
  • Amazing Grace
  • Swanee River
  • On Top of Old Smoky
  • By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Sounds of Silence

Extra music packs are available for $5.00 arrainged in catagories.  They are:

  • Celtic
  • Children's Favorites
  • Christmas I, II and III
  • Folk I and II
  • Gospel I and II
  • Hymns I and II
  • Old Favorites I, II and III
  • Irish Folk
  • Old West
  • Patriotic
  • Romance

Each pack contains 12 new melodies.  Accessories that are available include a carrying case, display stand, gooseneck tuning wrench and electronic tuner.  ou can obtain these additional packs by calling the Showroom at:  828-669-7675.

Song of the Wood says: 

Kids ... especially kids are invariably drawn to these instruments whenever a family comes to visit us at Song of the Wood.  They are delighted and enchanted by the fact they "can play" ... music!

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Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 15.25 in × 10.75 in × 1.625 in
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